The 11th Hour was a great game. I got stuck on the part with the soup cans, but other than that, I enjoyed the heck out of it. I still have it, but it’s so old it doesn’t work with any of my computers. Actually, Disk1 got stuck in one of my laptops last time I tried to play it, and then my laptop broke.

Here’s 11 hours in on the painting (by my terrible time keeping notes):

I’ve gone in and added more Alizarin Crimson and Burnt Sienna to her skin to give it a less yellow look. In some spots I used more Crimson to give it a raw, skinned look. I also used a mix of Indian Yellow Deep and Prussian Blue to make a green colour for the flowers, and parts of her skin (you can still sort of see it in her left hand) as well as the vein that goes across her shoulder towards her neck.

I’ve added a few more layers of Violet to the flowers, and now I’m thinking that things are looking too compartmentalized. I think I need to go in and dirty up the flowers a little with some greens and browns, and then take some greens and violets to her skin, and sort of… stitch all the colours in the painting together, so it’s not so paint-by-number. (Even though that kind of is how I’m doing it…)

I’ve also done a few passes on the heart, using prussian blues and alizarin crimsons.