It’s still Thursday where I live! This page still counts as being updated on Thursday!

I had some brilliant post to make for today, but since I can no longer remember it, you’ll just have to trust me: it would have rocked your world.

Honestly though, it probably had something to do with buying my dog some hiking boots, so it might not have rocked your world. Yeah, I am now, officially, the sort of person who has paid cash money for dog booties. To call them hiking boots belies the fact that they are mesh and gore-tex sacks that you stuff your dog’s paws into.

See, in my defense, it’s really hot out here, and I like to take my dog out. Part of me worries about the dog having some sort of sun stroke (been known to happen, if you believe in what the news tv tells you) but a more immediate danger is that the dog’s paws just burst into blisters after as little an hour of hiking. This is distressing to me, as a dog owner. I always feel like I’m not that good of a dog owner, and to see your dog limping around, too pained to even limp over to where you’re sitting eating lunch (my dog is a terrible beggar) is almost too much.

So I bought her booties.

And today, after our trial run, she now has boot blisters. I am faced with the thought that maybe she just needs to tough it out and grow some calluses, or that I maybe need to now become the sort of person that buys little dog socks for their dog.

Neither choice is appealing, honestly.