Well, maybe. I don’t know. I’ve never found myself in a briar patch, although I did somehow once find myself in the middle of a mesquite bush.* I can’t quite explain how I got into the mesquite, (I think I was trying to grab something out that was near the trunk, like a shiny stone, or something equally valuable) and I have absolutely no memory of how I got out of the situation. I think I had to wait for someone to come and help pull branches off of me, but again, I’m not sure.

It’s one of those memories that are like a dream (or a nightmare) that you know happened- if only because you have the scars and have learned your lesson: there is no stone pretty enough to tempt you into a mesquite thicket, unless you have back up. Or a long sleeve shirt.

And maybe not even then.

* I have a friend that once told me that only in the southwest do we have trees that are supposed to be bushes, and bushes that supposed to be trees.