I’ve still been painting. I think I’ve messed up my record keeping, because I have it that I’ve only done one hour on the zombie under painting, but I some how managed to fix the eyes, narrow down the face, add another pass of detail into the flowers, and have decided that the zombie’s left hand is fine the way it is. All in one hour? I’m not sure how that can be, but I guess that’s what it is…

I also went through and tried to reclaim my larger colour zombie, and I’ve done my second pass of oil, and like it much better. I added warmer tones and really did something to the heart that I like. I’m not sure what, exactly, but whatever it is, I like the look of it. I was trying to pretend that I was Cézanne or Andrea, and I think that works for me: pretending to be another painter can really draw out something nice in your work, I think.

Before pretending:

Note the flash of doom! Really, I’m terrible with a camera.

After trying to channel Andrea:

I still need work on that zombie’s left hand (and arm), but that’s a theme these days.

I started another grisaille piece, this one’s a 2′ x 2′ painting of a mermaid on a break from being a beautiful and alluring siren of the seas. I also need to fix her hand up, but this time, it’s her right hand that’s giving me troubles. (She’s holding a beer bottle.)