I was messing about with printmaking last weekend, and I decided that I wanted to do something other than flowers (my usual standby when I have to come up with art on the spot). I went with what I thought was, at the time, was a chthonian from the Lovecraft mythos. After printing a few of the pieces, I realised what I’d really drawn was one of those monster-grub things from All the Growing Things, but sans the little grub feet. And with a rattlesnake tail, because apparently the large teeth and tentacles doesn’t really warn people away the way a rattlesnake tail does?

This is one of the better prints I’ve done on fancy paper. As you can see, there’s only two printing passes done, and I’ve misaligned the second (lighter brown) print. That’s, well, that’s actually pretty normal. That’s why this counts as “one of the better prints.”

I’ll probably do a few more passes this weekend, when that dining room table falls under my influence again.