I’m not a very good gardener (as a matter of fact, I sort of gave up watering a month or two ago, and now everything is dying) but I always sort of feel vindicated when I find a bug chomping down on something that I’ve grown.

For some reason the tomato plant is holding on to life, despite my neglect. I went out to water it, and found all these round… poop pellets… under the tomato leaves. When I looked closer, I finally found this little guy! And by “little guy” I mean, “HOLY CRAP IT’S HUGE!”And then I scrambled away before it could attack me. Only later, when I was able to gather my courage, did I get close enough to take a photo.

I know I should pluck it off and fling it somewhere where the birds will find it and eat it, but I can’t do it. I sort of feel that the worm has squatter’s rights at this point (I really have been neglectful of the garden) and it’s… so big. I know death isn’t dependent upon the size of the creature – philosophically I know that – but it feels more like murder when you have to hide a body. And that’s a lot of worm to have to… dispose of.

I think, um, if it’s still around when the temperature really drops (when I bring the tomato plant inside) I’ll have to make a decision. But for now, I’m letting the worm have the plant.