Mmmmyep. School is back in session, which means my normal unreliability is even more unreliable.*

I was sitting in class today, as one often does, wondering exactly what it is I expect to get out of school. I’m still not quite sure, because if I had the choice (and I know I do,)  I’d rather sit at home and work on comics. Still, I enjoy learning new art techniques, and in some cases, completely new mediums.**

I sort of want to turn every project into an All the Growing Things related project, but I don’t know if that’s a bit lame, or not.

In completely unrelated news, I’ve had a new puppy for about a month, and she’s awesome the way tidal waves, hurricanes, earthquakes, mountain slides, and other natural disasters are awesome. But she’s cute, so she gets away with a lot.

* Or, more reliable – it’s sort of like a double negative, and I can only hope you know what I mean…

** oil painting, for example, has been an interesting learning curve. Only it was more wave shaped, than curvy.