I have a friend that can’t seem to back down from fights.

It’s sort of funny. I mean, well, it’s still funny, even though he’s now on to us when we’re egging him on and it’s clearly something he’s a bit outmatched on. And it’s not just physical fights he can’t say no to (he’s not a pro fighter or anything, but he likes to train hard at the dojo/gyms that he goes to) but also things like “man vs. food” situations and things like that.

He’s sort of ripe for any sort of double dog dares, except it’s not even about daring him… all you have to do is hint that he can’t do something, or (even worse?) tell him that it’s okay if he gives up if he’s tired (or any sort of thing like that.) As a matter of fact, I can only imagine that if you double dog dare him (the most challenging dare known to child and mankind) I sort of imagine that his head would explode.

And even though he knows that we use this knowledge for nefarious purposes, he just can’t seem to resist challenges, especially if you tell him that it’s okay to give up.

Also as I reread this: there’s (more than) a slight chance that I’m a bit of a jerk.