My friend Nick was talking about how he was breaking his stories down into issues, so that when they’re drawn up, they can be published, issue by issue. I hadn’t really planned that far. I just sort of figured that maybe I’d just keep doing this story until I wanted to do another one, and then I’d wrap this up and do the other one.

John also seems to be planning out his stories, not issue by issue, but all within the confinement of one cover plus five pages, and then a bunch of those all bound together to form a collected trade. I think that sort of planning gives both Nick and John a better flowing series of stories.

So that’s what I was trying here. We’ll call this the end of issue one – although I think a comic issue is supposed to be 24 or 28 pages, not 22 pages. Oh well. I’m not really too worried about it if I have it wrong. Drawing is so time consuming, I’m not sure I have any time left with which to worry.

So that’s nice, right?