It’s still Tuesday!

I’ve been having a couple of difficult weeks, I’ll tell you that. I made some commitments, and there are some things I need to do. Art things. Art things that are time consuming, and that I have regrets about (only in that they are difficult and I tend to whine a lot, not in that I regret doing them or proposing to doing them – never that!) Self-directed regrets, I guess.

I will blog more about them (the project, but also the regrets), once I figure out what the heck to say. Besides, maybe blogging about the dang projects will give me another incentive to do them, rather just the fact that they are the only thing really separating my grubby little self from actually acquiring a bachelor’s degree! Whew. I was counting the other day, and if I do manage this mess, it’ll have only taken me nine years to have gone through college. I was sure it would have taken me longer (and there were/are a few times I think that it won’t happen at all, ) but I’m still pretty excited.

I just have to… gah… keep arting things up! Okay. Off I go now to do just that!

OH! Wait, before I go! I wanted to share the laugh that every time I looked at Napoleon (the black fluffy cat) in the last panel, I imagined him doing that “cat butt” thing to the dead monster that my cats used to do to me in the mornings. You know: the move where they wake you up in the morning, meowing about breakfast, all the while showing you their little cat butts. It’s not the best sight to wake up to.

Okay, for real, I need to go and paint now. But I’ll probably finish my blog drafts that I’ve been putting off. Ugh.