I kept having Francis Bacon flashbacks while drawing this page.

I’ve also been reading like crazy on my kindle. I find it kind of surprising how people (usually strangers) with their awesome and fancy iPads make a point to show me how much cooler their iPads are. I get it: you have a superior piece of technology. Yes, you can record videos and watch movies, read books AND check your email. Cool. I wasn’t able to afford one of those, and instead, I received a kindle as a gift. It does one thing and only one thing: it lets me read digital books.

I really don’t understand why people are trying to sell me on their iPads. Me, I’d probably just ask “What are you reading?”

Speaking of reading, I had 30$ and I blew it all on ebooks. I picked up Laura Mixon’s Glass Houses, Charles Stross’s Rule 34, Rennie Sparks’s Evil. I also picked up some short stories by Andrew Mayne and am now reading The Grendel’s Shadow which is really fun. So far it’s been pretty pulpy, but I like that sort of thing. I won’t lie – I hesitated when I read a review saying Mayne’s books were self published, but so far (I’m halfway through the first short story and I’m scrambling to find more time so I can read) I’m really happy with my purchase.

I’ll review the others as I read them. Right now, I’m sort of behind on drawing, so I guess it’s time to get back to the art mines.