Seriously though, stairs are fun to draw.

Other things that are fun to draw: flowers (both real and symbolized), snakes, dragons, or anything with scales. Chainmail is also fun to draw for similar reasons. Fire is fun and squiggly to draw, and water, slime, or anything drippy is also fun. Starbursts make great backgrounds. The expressions on people’s faces are the most rewarding to draw, right after a well drawn hand (which is always a challenge.) Drawing little people in the distance is also fun to draw.

Things that are less than fun to draw: horses, cars, self-portraits. Things that people want you to draw, that you don’t want to draw- those are the worst, because they never, ever come out the way you want them too, and then there’s the added agony of wondering if the person you drew it for likes it or if they’re only saying that so that they don’t hurt your feelings.

On the other hand, an artist should know better than to take any critique too close to heart, right? Right. I don’t know where I’m going with this. I’m hungry. Goodnight.