As a fun aside, I tend to confuse Dante’s “Divine Comedy” with Milton’s “Paradise Lost”. I’ve never read either of them, but I think they’re both written in what, Latin? and are about traveling to hell. Or something. You know, when it comes to the classics, I’ve really only enjoyed the Greek plays, and I’ve skimmed through some of The Decameron (but I never did find all the good bits that my classmates talked about) and I’ve been on a kick reading Bertrand Russell lately. But he’s not really a “classic,” is he?

I’ve never even read Issac Aisamov, and he’s a classic SF writer. I struggled with Gibson’s Neuromancer, and it drives me crazy to this day, because all my friends read and enjoy Gibson, but I’m afraid to go back to Neuromancer. Which is a shame as it’s not just one of the classic cyberpunk books, but it’d also make a great name for a metal band. Neuromancer.

Oh crap, I just realised how many hits this page is probably going to get from that alone, and how dissapointed all those people will be. I’d better cut my loses here.

Before I go: I’ve been trying to work on Vagus Street, for anyone that’s been thinking it’s abandoned. It’s not, it’s just that this last round of story has been all silent, and I can’t draw silent comics. I rely on the crutch of words too much. I told John “no more silent comics” but he just sort of laughed at me. Seriously: a year to do five pages? Shameful.