I was thinking I’d write a post here, outlining what it is that I’ve been up to these days. (As I’m certain that you’re all so curious) but I can’t seem to shake the fact that one of the reasons that this page is so late is that I find this part of the storyline more than a little bit repulsive and unpleasant. Still, I just have to grind onwards.

One of the things I’m working on besides this comic (and you are curious, aren’t you?) is a non-traditional narrative. It’s been a hell of a learning curve to work on, and I’ve had to break everything down into baby steps. The very first thing I started with was “an idea” of what I want this story to be about. I also wrote out “alternative” story lines that can parallel the main story.

From these three (as of current count) story lines, I’ve found several themes and motifs that I’m going to try to cycle into the other alternate stories. One of the main things I want to address is the characters as “archetypes” rather than straight up characters. I think I got the idea from rereading Tim Powers’s Last Call again, but the idea has been kicking around my head for a long time now, so who knows for certain? Because I want to use characters of archetypes, I think that should free me up so that the characters don’t always have to look like themselves all the time. (I’m concerned that I may need a model on some of the paintings, but I really don’t want to go that route – models make me nervous, and to be bound to one for an entire storyline sounds like a special kind of insecurity-inspired hell.)

For example, instead of always drawing the princess as a blonde-haired blue-eyed typical cartoon princess, I can experiment with other ethnicities, which is something I desperately want to do. I’m more than a bit tired of reading stories where the princess is so very Aryan looking.

As of now, this grand “outline/plan” is about as far as I’ve made it. I still need to figure out the sizes of the actual paintings (these will be paintings when I’m done with them) and then I need to figure out ways to tell the story without so many (any?) text boxes. That’s for later. For now: finish writing up the outlines, and figure out the size of the dang things.