Alright! I can now feel less guilt if I get hit by a car or get otherwise incapacitated. And even then, I’m not sure a car would stop me for long, but I guess it all depends. Either way, I don’t have to feel too bad if something happens!

I have finished my first book!

Oh, sure, it has typos galore in it, and the drawings aren’t always as great as they should be, but that doesn’t lessen the achievement for me!

I’m going to spend the next week or so getting the book into a little more of a respectable shape (adding pages to make the double page spreads land on the correct facing pages, mostly). I’m also going to be adding a sketches section at the back of the book, and any other things I can think of (or that people suggest.)

Give me a week or two, and I’ll start posting book two!

Some other exciting news:

  • We now have a newsletter! I promise not to abuse it, and will send out updates only about once a month or so. Maybe more if I get my art/comic productivity up, but more than likely: just once a month!
  • Also, the proof for The Vagus Street Rehabilitation comic has come back from the printers! It’s the first four stories collected into one standard size comic issue (so about 24+ pages) and it looks good! Well, as good as it can look with me playing around with experimental art styles. We’re going to order a bunch of those, and hope to have them in time for the last cons of the season! (I’ll update again when I find out WHICH cons we’re officially going to.)