So, this is the page where I realised that the story had twisted around on me, and I now have a little more compassion for Matilda. Which surprised me, but in hindsight I guess it’s a little more reasonable now, knowing what I know will happen. Is that too heavy of a foreshadowing statement? I’m not sure. Speaking of heavy foreshadowing…

I’m reading Dan Simmons’s Children of the Night. It’s about vampires, in case you didn’t pick that up from the title. It even says on the back of the book “…but he also conceals a shockingly intimate link to a clan of vampires and their legendary leader – the fiend the world calls Vlad Dracula…” So I went into this book knowing it was about vampires. So far, (half way through) it’s been more about AIDS and SCID research, and there’s a lot of medical jargon going on. Still, Dan Simmons gets a lot of leeway with me because of his book The Terror, so even though there’s been a very small amount of vampire-happenings (although there has been some), I’m going to keep going. I think his book Carrion Comfort was probably more vampire-y, even if it wasn’t exactly about vampires.

Still. I just finished reading China Mieville’s Kraken and I needed something easy and quick to read.  Even if it’s more a medical drama and less of a stake-n-burn.

(Note: I’m not affiliated or anything – I just put links to Amazon because I thought if you were interested in any of the books that would be the best place to “read the back” without getting too many spoilers. I know when I’m on Goodreads I spoil a little bit when I review, and I know that others do to. Wikipedia is nothing but spoilers, which is cool, but I didn’t want to do that to you all.)