The Spiel:

Hey! So I’m getting ready to publish All the Growing Things. It’s been a long time coming but I finally have enough of a full story that I think I can make a trade paperback out of it, with roughly 130+ pages, with an additional 12 or so pages of pin-up art.

I thought it would be fun to ask a few of my artist friends if they would do pin-ups for it. Unfortunately, I don’t have money, so it would be in trade for a copy of the book. I know that’s super lame and that artists should expect to get paid for their work because it IS work, and… I know all that. But I’m also broke.

So in addition to my comic book friend, it means that if you do a pin-up for me, I will also do a pin up for you – if you would like one from me. If you’re one of my fine-art friends who doesn’t do comic stuff, that’s cool too, I will owe you some other favor – help design business cards or postcards or something? Something that I can do that we can both agree upon.

If you have any questions, please ask them – chances are someone else also has that question!

The Specifics:

The art needs to be black and white, and/or gray-scale.

The printing size is 7″ x 10.5″ but will be trimmed on all edges to 6.75 x 10.25 when it’s all said and done.

It will be vertical, but if you want to do a landscape that’s cool, as long as you don’t mind that people are going to have to turn the book sideways.

Let’s say November 25th as a deadline? That way it gives you through the Thanksgiving holiday!

I’m submitting this digitally, so if you are able send me the file as a 300DPI file, at 7″ x 10.5″. If scanning or photographing is an issue, let me know and if I’m able, I can help you out with that.

I put a “who’s who” up here, but if you want to flip through the webcomic, see what catches your eye and draw what your instinct tells you to. Me, I tend to go with monsters when given the option, but that’s just how I am.

What the Heck is a Pin-up?

For all my fine art friends… a pin-up in the comic world is typically a piece of art that uses the characters of the comic it’s going in (in this case, anything from All the Growing Things) and then is drawn in your style. If you’re into drawing hyper-realistic, then you’ll take the monsters, cats, or one of the characters, and draw a scene that way. You don’t need to worry about breaking it up into panels or anything like that – it’s more like a cover image, or a mini-poster  (something that, as a kid you would think “BADASS!” and then tear it out of the comic book, and pin it up onto your wall – thus the name.)

A lot of pin-ups used to be fight scenes between good guys and bad guys, but these days you can also do more reflective things as well – other than sticking to using something from the comic book, it’s a pretty wide open subject, and is open to all sorts of treatments.