This is where I’m going to go through and try to explain my process on “All the Growing Things” and what I *think* is going on with the story. More than likely, you’ll see a lot things that don’t make it through to the final version.

Who is Maude?

Maude is an elderly woman who wants nothing more than to smoke her cigarettes and work on her garden in peace. She’s not really a people person, and is a little quick to attack problems head on with her shovel. She has a long standing vendetta against the neighbourhood cats (but then again, don’t we all?)


Who is Texy?

Texy’s real name is Abraham Jacobson, or at least, that’s what Matilda would have us believe. Matilda would also have us believe that Texy is a murderer who burned down a town called Howardston, but that can’t be right either, can it?


Who is Matilda

She’s something not quite human, as the first time we saw her she came to life from the broken bones of a skeleton. Is she a figment of Maude’s imagination, or is she something more sinister? Personally, I think she’s something a little more sinister, but don’t take my word for it.


Who are the cats?

The cats were the original arch-nemesis of the garden, until Maude discovered the grubthings. The Maude and Cat war has raged for years, and when the grubthing problem is sorted out, it will likely resume again. For the purposes of this comic, the cats are our Greek Chorus.


Napoleon is the leader of the cats. He is the one who decides when and where they go, and what they do when they get there.



Sarge is Napoleon’s right-hand cat. He is a larger-than-average tom-cat. I think he’s orange, with darker orange stripes. His appearance is based off a cat I had when I was a child. Sarge, like my old cat, has a tendency to eat everything he comes across, and occasionally reminiscences about it.



Part Siamese, part Tabby, 100% Scaredy Cat. Téléle is the one that knows that if anything bad is going to happen, it’s going to happen to him.


Monsters We’ve Seen


First discovered by Maude under her garden, the grubthings appear to be working for (or working with) a mysterious underground cult. The grubthings destroy plant life, and render it down for some unknown reason. They are rumored to be “searching for something.”



In my head I call them Plant-zombies, but I’m not sure that’s a good name for what they are. They seem to manifest anytime Maude goes “Walking” and they are the figures that populate her visions. They can appear as anything, or anyone, in these Walking visions. When returned to reality, they are scraps of bones tied together with strange plants and fern like fronds.



After Texy may or may not have blown open the bank in Howardston, the town began to change. The townspeople began to turn into toothy-mawed things that resemble leeches (or, at least, that’s what I was going for when I drew them.) As they “age” they begin to develop tentacles reminiscence of the grubthings, and may in fact be a larval stage of grubthing. Like the grubthings, they bleed ichor and plant material.